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Change your bass drum sound in seconds!

Here comes another helpful tool for drummers, who like to be more elastic during their performance. Ahead company came up with briliant idea to create a versatile beater, which can be modified using one simple movement of the hand. It’s called Switch Kick Beater, and it’s really great! You can easily change plastic beater to wooden beater, change your regular beater to brush beater and make it back to the regular beater. It’s very easy, and that’s beacuse the F.A.S.T system. Just flip the beater 180 degrees, adjust the height to 9 different levels, switch to over 10 different beaters, and enjoy the tool-less design. That’s how it works. Please watch a video demonstration:

Do you like this new toy from Ahead?

Source of information: www.aheaddrumsticks.com