> > > Afromental “Kick Push” & “Lapdance” LIVE

Afromental live exclusively for BeatIt

Here is another snippet from Afromental‘s live performance in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Poland. On June 8 2013, Grzegorz “Dziamas” Dziamka and Tomek Torres were the centre of attention, not only for their fans (mostly female ones), but also for vigilant BeatIt cameras. Thanks to that, you can see and hear how the Groove Twins coped with the songs “Kick Push” and “Lapdance“. In a way, we also felt as if we had been kick-pushed by a girl lapdancing for us, because of the double amount of fat grooves squeezed together in the band’s 90-minute performance. We give you Grzegorz “Dziamas” Dziamka and Tomek Torres

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