> > > Adam Marszałkowski Interview, pt. 3

BeatIt talks to Adam Marszałkowski of Coma, pt. 3

In this part of our pleasant and interesting conversation, Adam Marszałkowski talks to BeatIt about his contacts with young students of the drumming craft, and what he thinks is more important at the initial learning stage as opposed to the moment when one starts playing in an actual collective. We also find out which drumming-related jobs (excluding drumming as such) our guest used to do in the past before he eventually joined a band. As every rock fan in Poland knows, performances given by Adam’s band Coma require a lot of energy and physical strength from all the musicians, so we had to ask our man what he does to stay fit on tour, how he prepares for live shows, and how he deals with stage fright. Here is Adam Marszałkowski, exclusively for you, Drummers and Drummerettes!

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