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BeatIt interviews Adam Marszałkowski of Coma, pt. 1

Making an appointment with our guest did take us quite some time, as Adam Marszałkowski is a very busy man. Not only does he do session work for other artists, but  he also has lots to do with his band Coma, which is by far the most popular heavy rock outfit to have sprung out of the 00’s generation in Poland, and has been an extremely sought-after live act for almost a decade. Eventually, we managed to squeeze into Adam’s busy schedule on a rainy Saturday, April 13th 2013, just a few hours before the band’s concert in Poznań, Poland.

In the first part of our conversation (which was long-awaited by our viewers, who have been sending numerous queries about it), Adam Marszałkowski tells BeatIt whether the golden rule of role assignment in rock (which is: the guy who has no idea how to play or even hold a guitar or bass becomes the drummer) was true in his case. We also asked the man about his earliest drumming-related inspirations, the discovery of paradiddles, the first live concert he saw and heard in his youth, and of course his first kit. To top it all off, Adam goes back in time to the days of his first band, his experiences with country music, and shows on his own example how far you can go if you really want it. Enjoy!