> > > Zildjian Re-designs Its 5A and 5B Drumsticks

We are at NAMM Show 2018. It’s so much to see and check out! New drum gear is coming from every corner, and we feel honoured to inform you abut all these fresh goods. At Zildjian Drumstick booth we saw very interesting and colorful drumsticks. It’s the new 5A and 5B models!

Over 30 models have been re- designed from the ground-up to improve their style, durability and response. All new 5A and 5B models now feature a reduced tip size, increased neck size, longer tapers and an improved balance, response and durability. In addition to the physical changes, all 5A and 5B models will feature a new graphic design and stick sleeve that brings a fresh look to the collection.

What do you think about it?