> > Zildjian Presents The A Uptown Ride

Almost one month ago we have attended the marvellous NAMM Show 2018. It was a fun time and we have captured some new drum gear from many companies from all around the world.If you want to check out reports from booths- just enter our portal or look it up on YouTube! Now we want to focus on some of the most interesting goods. Today we are back with world famous cymbal makers, the one and only Zildjian Company! Check out their newest addition to the A family- A Uptown Ride.

This visually unique cymbal is a smaller-sized (only 18″) Ride that delivers a controlled dry sound with very pronounced stick definition. With its extensive hammering and unlathed top and bottom surface, it creates a tightly defined and colorful sound with minimal overtones and sustain. “The Uptown Ride features a rich and powerful sound that is perfect for smaller-sized drum sets that continue to increase in popularity,” said Victor Filonovich, Cymbals Category Manager for Zildjian. With its completely unlathed finish, the Uptown Ride also provides a full spectrum of cymbal sounds for the modern electronically influenced music. “This Ride meets the demands of today’s Hip Hop and electronic players as it delivers an acoustic recreation of the Ride beat
heard on the most common breakbeat loops,”

If you want to learn more check out Zildjian website: