> > Zildjian presents new cymbal series and Gauge Drumsticks

Brand new cymbals and drumsticks are here from the one and only Zindjian Company! 

New year and of course the NAMM show give us some tasty goodies, which are: vintage collection of the unique A Avedis cymbals and brand new member of the clan- the S Family series. Gauge Series Drumsticks will hit the market as the perfect sticks for almost every music genre.

Let’s start the tour from getting familiar with A Avedis series.  It’s story began with Avedis Zildjian III. Popular music of the 1930s-1970s demanded cymbals of extreme versatility: dynamic and controllable HiHats, clean and cutting Crashes, thrilling and rich Rides, all with a loose feel and immense musicality. It was these cymbals, crafted by Avedis Zildjian III in the mid-20th century, that helped many famous drummers create their evergreen parts in the songs, that will remain with us forever. Every artist, who will decide to pick the A Avedis, can be sure, that his cymbals sounds like no other. Every cymbal differs by weight from another, the weight (in grams) is written underneath every bell. That gives you an incredible opportunity to complete the set of cymbals, which will fullfill your musical desires the most. Please take a look at the A Avedis specifications:

• Thin, loose, played-in feel with immense musicality

• Controlled response at all dynamic levels

• Variation in weight among models allows you to seek and pick out your unique sound

• Gram weights written underneath the bell of every cymbal

• Vintage style lathing allows a smooth response with a great feel

• Vintage patina finish adds a touch of warmth to the sound and gives the appearance of a decades old cymbal

• Small reproduction “Avedis” signature logo taken from his 1939 U.S.A. passport

• Hollow ‘Zildjian’ logo on bottom of cymbal

• “Rolled-in” A Zildjian Trademark

• Made in U.S.A.



Another very interesting thing frim Zildjian is a brand new S Family series. Letter S stands for the memory of Alice “Sally” Zildjian, wife of Avedis III and grandmother to Craigie and Debbie Zildjian. These beauties are made of the B12 alloy (88% copper, 12% tin), which provides the perfect balance between high, mid and low tones. S Family cymbals are also fully lathed, crafted to perfection in weight, feel, and sound. Extensive hammering gives these cymbals a dialed-in sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges. Brilliant Finish invented by Zildjian helps open up the sound, providing a bright and shimmery tone. This series will be available in many configurations, sizes and weights. S Family comes in 33 individual models, as well as two cymbal sets. You will find everything that you need- crashes, rides, hats, and extraordinary trash crashes along with other unique sounding goods.



Here is the promotional video about this series:


Zildjian wants to give us something more than only great cymbals. Gauge Series Drumsticks are here for drummers, who need great stick, and play almost every kind of music. Made from American Hickory, each pair is weight-matched, tone-paired and guaranteed straight. The tip is an original hybrid between very popular round shaped, and acorn-shaped ones. Each of the four models has a different diameter, but features a consistent length and taper. The company will present to us a 6 Gauge, 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge i 12 Gauge models. The 6 Gauge and 8 Gauge drumsticks provide great control and articulation for lower to medium volume gigs.  The 10 and 12 Gauge drumsticks provide more volume with less effort, allowing for more power with great throw and rebound around the drum kit. Here is the listing and specification:

6 Gauge Length:  16.25” Diameter – .535”
8 Gauge Length:  16.25” Diameter – .550”
10 Gauge Length:  16.25” Diameter – .595”
12 Gauge Length:  16.25” Diameter – .610”




For more information please visit: zildjian.com