> > > Yamaha Presents The EAD10 Drum Module

Yamaha company introduces their brand new product. It’s a drum module named EAD10. It seems that it’s going to be a huge success because of its interesting and useful functions. Producer claims that it may be a groundbreaking solution for people who love hybrid drum kits.

yamaha ead10 module

It’s Ideal for recording, rehearsal and performance. EAD10 addresses persistent challenges facing drummers who want to record high-quality drum performances easily and affordably, thanks to its central module and combination microphone/trigger sensor that easily mounts on the bass drum. The microphone effectively captures and reproduces the natural, dynamic sound of the entire kit, while the module adds any number of effects, including flange, phase, and several varieties of reverb.

For hybrid drum expansion, the central module features a snare trigger input and two 3-zone trigger inputs that are compatible with the Yamaha DT50S snare trigger and DTX Series pads. This connectivity provides endless creative possibilities with nearly 800 stored sounds and effects, an onboard sampler and 50 preset combinations, with room to program 200 more.

The EAD10’s free Rec ‘N’ Share iOS app enables drummers to record their drum track on top of their favorite music, while at the same time capture a video of their performance. Once complete, they can easily share the final result on social platforms such as YouTube.

If you want to know more about the brand ne EAD10 please visit Yamaha’s website. Check out also the advertising video below. The device will cost approx. 640$.