> > > Yamaha introduce a new YAMAHA DTX402 electronic kit

The new, compact YAMAHA DTX402 electronic drum set offers many choices for setting cymbal pads, snare and tom-tom pads. The instrument is easy to assemble due to its low weight and the fact that it is attached to a steel frame. The higher models (DTX432K, DTX452K) also features a Yamaha bass drum pad, which is used by many professional drummers.

The technology on board of the YAMAHA DTX402 allows you to apply such playing techniques as rim-shots or cymbal muting. The YAMAHA DTX402 features 10 built-in drum kits, including acoustic effects and electronic sounds, which you can adjust on your own.

The instrument is equipped with 10 training functions to help you develop your skills. One of these advantages is the Pad Gate, which trains you up in feeling and time. Another feature is Fast Blast, which measures the number of strokes per minute. Also noteworthy is the use of tools that allow you to follow the progress of your skills. The metronome located in the module has a range of 30 to 300 BPM, and time signatures from 1/4 to 9/4.

The new YAMAHA DTX402 is equipped with the DTX402 Touch app available for IOS and Android. The application has an editor for personalizing drum kits. YAMAHA DTX402 is compatible with Rec’n’Share app which will help to share your recordings on the Internet.

The module can be connected to your computer via USB, which allows you to create your personal audio data from the DTX in-built sounds. The module can also be linked to a DAW for music production.

The YAMAHA DTX is available in three versions:

  • DTX402K (no bass drum pad)
  • DTX432K
  • DTX452K