> > > Yamaha copper shell snare drums

It is common knowledge that Yamaha is a company with an outstanding history in the world of musical instruments. Without fear of exaggeration, it can be said that their drums (the Recording Custom in particular) have helped define the sound of modern popular music.

Most drum maniacs also know that the company, in cooperation with the great Steve Gadd, has revamped the legendary drum series. It is also worth mentioning that Yamaha Recording Custom snare drums have been updated with the master drummer as well.

However, it is worth remembering that the renowned manufacturer has a great deal of other instruments in its product range. Today, let us focus on copper shell snares, which are slightly overlooked by many drummers (absolutely unjustly, we think).

Let us take a look at three snare drums of this type: the SD-6465 (14″x6.5″), the SD-6455 (14″x5.5″) and the SD-6440 (14″x4″). The new 1.5 mm copper shells are thicker than the previous ones (1.2 mm), 2.3 mm DynaHoop rims are supposed to give sharper response, and the snares feature 20 strands (SN1420CP) made of carbon steel. Nouveau Lugs (a widely known and recognized solution from Yamaha) have two roles to play: hitched to the bolts at the shell side, they eliminate contact between the lug casting and shell so the shell can resonate freely, and their quick release design also provides for very swift head changes and reduces the risk of losing washers as it is no longer necessary to entirely remove the tuning bolts.

Here are the specs:

  • Producer: Yamaha
  • Model: Copper Shell
  • Shell sizes: 14″x6.5″, 14″x5.5″, 14″x4″
  • Shell: 1.5 mm copper
  • Strainer: I Type (release side) / IP (butt side)
  • Wire strands: 20, carbon steel
  • Lugs: Nouveau
  • Center bead: Inward
  • Hoops: 2.3 mm DynaHoop
  • Heads: Remo Ambassador

We also recommend browsing through auction services in search of a 14″x6.5″ Mike Bordin Signature snare with a thicker, 2 mm shell and dark hoops.