> > > WristGrips: Pain-preventing wrist bands

Drummers are often dealing with wrist problems. These problems are caused by years of playing, bad technique or it’s just natural process. Anyway, it’s better to visit the doctor from time to time than quit playing drums at all. We highly recommend it to you! Sometimes drummer must help himself or herself and just check if both wrists are ok. There is another help for these kind of problems. Read about it below.

WristGrips are a less sweaty, user-adjustable alternative to traditional wristbands, which promise to limit pain from playing, providing relief from repetitive strain, arthritis and carpal tunnel – all while promoting increased comfort and endurance, as well as better wrist stabilisation and support, and full range of motion. Plus, crucially, they’re moisture wicking for sweat-free hands, and one size fits all, thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap.

WristGrips are available now for $19.99 from the company’s website.

Hear the sotry of the guitarist who is using WristGrips in the video below!