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Take a look at the drums, which are just too expensive!

Tim and Jason Kae must hold a record for siblings running a successful business for over 20 years with no major blowups. What’s their secret? “It’s easy,” says Jason, Tim’s junior by four years. “Tim just tells me what to do, I do it, and we’re good.” Their business is Drum City Guitar Land in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, about 5 miles from Denver. The store was founded in the 1965 by their father, Brooklyn-born-and-raised drummer Ronnie Kae, who played with Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin and others as well as recording several discs. The boys took over the business after the elder Kae passed away in 1995. But Papa Ronnie Kae’s legend lives on, and his legacy, besides the whole store, is located in the honourable place. It’s a very unusual drum kit. Just take a look at it:



It’s 6-piece Sonor Signature drumset covered in 14 karat gold, hand made in Germany, costing $30,000 when purchased in 1993. It now has the honor of being the world’s most expensive drumset, valued at over $100,000.


What do you think of this kit, is it just eccentric, or is it well deserved luxury?

Source of information: http://www.forbes.com/