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The beginning of june in Śląskie Centrum Perkusyjne will be very interesting!

Every fan of the art of drumming must admit, that Dalibor Mraz is currently on the top of the young drummers with something to say. His style is quite flawless, and it’s a pure joy to watch him perform. He will conduct his own workshop in Poland, June 1 in Śląskie Centrum Perkusyjne. The event will start at 7 p.m, and you just can’t miss it. Dali impressed such drummers as Mike Terrana and Gergo Borlai, and they are planning some cool worldwide stuff as a drum trio! He has also performed for Drumchannel, and now is preparing his debut CD. If that isn’t convincing enough, you should just buy a ticket and see him live! You can also watch him in action in the video below:

Check the details by clicking on the event’s page:


We highly recommend it to every fan of the highest quality drumming!