> > Who will play drums with Misfits?

A while ago, the metal world was electrified by the announcement about something that was never supposed to happen. No, we are not talking about Slash and Axl, however, something very similar concerning Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only – respecively singer and bassist of Misfits‘ original line-up and legends of horror punk. Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein has been confirmed as the guitarist for the band’s reunion but it is not known who the man behind the drums will be.

Misfits plakat

For the last 30 – 40 hours, the Internet has been full of rumours saying that Dave Lombardo could be the man for the job despite his touring and recording commitments to Suicidal Tendencies. Glenn Danzig is rather enigmatic when speaking about the matter: “It will blow your mind when I tell you. It’s pretty crazy. He’s one of my favorite drummers, and I’ve known him for a while.”