> > > WHITECHAPEL Recruits Ex-ANIMALS AS LEADERS Drummer For New Album

When Ben Harclerode left Whitechapel in 2017 band recruited drummers like Chason Westmoreland (ex- Burning The Masses) and Anthony Barone (ex- Aegaeon) fot their live shows. Whitechapel has now hit the studio with music producer Mark Lewis and decide to brought on Navene Koperweis drummer in Entheos, Fleshwrought, ex- Animals As Leaders.

That’s a wrap!! Finished up tracking drums on the new Whitechapel record. It’s been a sick week!

Geplaatst door Navene Koperweis op Zaterdag 1 september 2018

At the moment, probably the drummer was only employed for studio recordings, there is no official information that the drummer will be an member of Whitechapel.

It is possible that the songs from the upcoming album will be heard on the tour “This Is Exile tour” in the company of American bands like Chelsea Grin and Oceano. Whitechapel wants the new album to be released in 2019.

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