> > Virgil Donati starts brand new project

Get ready, IceFish is coming!

Virgil Donati, drummer known for his flawless work with such acts as Planet X or Steve Vai is now working on some brand new music! His new project is called IceFish, and it’s a mix between traditional progressive rock, and heavier sounds. Virgil has recruited one of the finest musicians to play with him. The band features, besides drummer Virgil Donati, Marco Sfogli on guitars, Alex Argento on keyboards and Andrea Casali on bass and vocals. All these men are well known as the great session/concert artists, and they have their fanbase located worldwide. Take a look at a short video, which shows musicians at work, and also their comments on this whole event:

Virgil started this band with a help from the crowdfunding site called Music Pledge. You can support the development of Ice Fish by buying some packages, for example VIP packages, or the normal ones. It gives you a lot of great opportunities! You will be able to get the newest info about the band, exclusive videos from rehearsal room, fragments of their newest music and much more. There is also a chance to get a lesson with any member of the ansamble via the Skype platform. It’s worth it, and if you dont believe us, just read some words from the mighty Virgil Donati himself. He says, that when you will decide to support IceFish, you will get “carefully crafted power melodies, soaring vocals, and intricate hard-rocking rhythms. Add in state-of-the-art production – and you get a truly inspiring collection of tunes worth listening to again and again.” When in need of a heroic private concert, it is possible to organise, but it costs $15,000, plus some more. But there is nothing more heart-warming, than Vrigil Donati and his band playing in your backyard- of course only when they will fit there! Under the link below there is a direct link to the Music Pledge site, where you can get more information: