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Former Pantera drummer recalls the analog era

Rockstar Interviews recently spoke to HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott and bassist Kyle Sanders. You can now watch the chat below.

Speaking about the wide acceptance of Pro Tools recording software, with the vast majority of music being recorded digitally onto computer hard drives, Vinnie Paul said: “I would give anything if it went back to analog age. I mean, music was so real, and you had to sing everything on a record, you had to play everything on a record. There was no cut-and-paste — you couldn’t get the chorus right one time and then paste it every other time; you really had to be good at what you did. And that’s why some of those records, like [those by] JOURNEY and BOSTON, they’re just so fucking untouchable, man. And analog is just so much wider and deeper-sounding. But that being said, you can’t slow technology down, and Pro Tools has made it almost easy enough for anybody to be in a band. But you still have to write songs, and I think that’s something that HELLYEAH really prides itself on — writing the best songs that we can write.

You can watch the interview here:

Do you agree with Vinnie on that?

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