> > Vater Cool Breeze- new Abe Cunningham signature drumsticks

There was something interesting posted on Vater’s facebook page!

Earlier today Vater Drumsticks company posted a cool photo on their profile on facebook. It’s the photo of their brand new product:


As it was written in description: “The first official Abe Cunningham Cool Breeze Vater Drumsticks rolled off the lathes today at the Vater Factory”. Now things got a little bit clearer. It’s the brand new signature drumstick made for the drummer of the legendary Deftones. We know, that it’s made of hickory, but we don’t know what’s the lenght and diameter. We will know that for sure after the NAMM Show, wich will take place in January 2017. It will be the date of the premiere. Abe Switched to Vater in October 2016, and he left a very short and funny comment about that situation: “I am extremely pleased to be joining the Vater family…..time to relax and let the Good Wood take over!!!”. Are you curious about his brand new model?

Source of information: https://www.facebook.com/VaterPercussionUSA/?fref=ts