> > > Travis Barker On His Son’s Unusual Request

Travis Barker is a drummer well known for unique style and playing with such acts as Blink 182, +44, Box Car Racers or Transplants. Throughout the years he has also collaborated with many hip hop artists, DJs, producers and rappers. He is a father of two kids, who currently are becoming true teenagers. They are being inspired by how their favourite artists act or look. Barkers’ 14 y.o son, Landon, was often on tour with him and he has seen all kinds of superstars. Now he became friends with one of the most popular rappers – Lil’ Pump. It’s quite normal for teenage boys to get inspired by their idols. Landon went a little further. He asked his dad for permission, quite strange one. He asked if he can have a tattoo on his face…

“My son’s 14 and he asks me every day,” Travis states. “Yeah, but there’s an obsession with kids and face tattoos now. Yeah, every rapper and you know…Lil Pump played his birthday party. He’s a friend of Landon’s. No face tattoos yet. I don’t know there was like this danger about it when I was a kid, like I was 15 with tattoos, but it wasn’t easy to remove them. And it really said something if you were walking around with tattoos. It was a job stopper. For me, I did it so I never had to get a normal job, but I explain to them you have to have the same hustle I did.”

He says that particularly, Landon wants a face tattoo thanks to Pump, but won’t allow him to get one until he has hard work that can match.

“He would love face tattoos. Yeah, he would love it, but I tell him, ‘Until you’ve walked in my shoes and you’re ready to hustle like dad did, you can’t get face tattoos.'”

We admire Travis for his drumming, but we appreciate him even more as a wise father!