> > > Travis Barker About His Blood Clot Recovery

One month after Blink-182 had to cancel their Las Vegas residency concerts, Travis Barker shared a video to tell fans about his condition as he recovers from blood clots in his arms. In the video, Barker tells his bandmates that something is wrong and his arm hurts. “I can bleed through shows, I’ve played with a broken foot, broken arms. Something is up.” As they couldn’t get a medical diagnosis before the concert, Barker played drums that night. The clip also includes Travis talking to his doctor after taking medication for a few weeks. He was told the good news that since the blood clots are not deep, they won’t spread to his lungs. The doctor recommended he should still take it easy from playing as “drumming will aggravate inflammation in arms”, but he will be good to play soon.

photography: sink.com


See the full video below.