> > Tony Royster Jr. will perform in Poland

In April you will have an opportunity to see the master himself!

Great drummer, awarded musician and talented educator, Tony Royster Jr. who started his career in his teens, and played with such big names as Jay-Z or Joss Stone, will play two shows in Poland, first on April 19 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, and the second on April 20 in Krakow. Please take a look at the official posters:

tony royster jr plakat 1tony royster jr plakat 2


Get your tickets now at www.ticketpro.pl or www.centrumkultury.eu! Tony will do his best to show his creative approach, technique, stunning grooves, and of course the elements of showmanship. We kindly invite you to take part in these events, because it’s a great chance to see a world famous drummer in action, and it’s not an everyday thing!