> > > Tommy Lee Was Assaulted By His Son

Tommy Lee is one of the most recognizable drummer celebrity. We can’t even count the affairs and scandals he took part in. His career in the legendary hard rock act Motley Crue was the though ride for sure! We got the information that Tommy is into serious problems again. This time is quite unusual. Lee got assoulted by his own son, 21 y.o. Brandon Lee.

Billboard Magazine says

“Sources told TMZ the hard-partying rocker was drunk when 21-year-old Brandon, one of Lee’s children with Pamela Anderson, landed some blows at the family’s Calabasas property. But the musician blasted that story as “bullshit.” He tweeted, “My fiancé and I were in bed when my son busted into the room and assaulted me. I asked him to leave the house and he knocked me unconscious. He ran away from the police. THAT’S the truth.”

Nobody got arrested. Lee posted an image of his beaten lips on Instagram, but deleted it quickly. The case remains open.

This event happened less than month after Lee announced his engagement with Internet celebrity Brittany Furlon.

It’s all about rock’n’roll when it’s fun. This case is sad, and we wish them that it will not happen again!

Source: https://www.billboard.com/