> > > Toca presents Freestyle II Nesting Djembe

Playing djembe is always fun. But there are some uncomfortable situations like transporting the instrument or breaking expensive heads. If you want to avoid these problems, we have an ideal solution for you! It’s Toca Freestyle II Nesting Djembe! You can carry it with ease and play it even more with some new functions.

Toca Nesting Djembes are unique, PVC drums similar to Freestyle djembes with an added feature: the durable, synthetic heads can be removed and played like a frame drum! The drums are also stackable, which makes them ideal for storage and travel! Available in Woodstock Purple cloth finish. Drum sizes are: 8″, 10″, and 12″, available individually or in a set of 3.

Main features:

  • Lightweight & durable PVC body
  • Reinforced synthetic heads
  • Heads can be removed and played like hand drums
  • Djembes can be stacked inside each other
  • Sizes: 8”, 10”, 12”
  • Available individually or in a set of 3 sizes
  • Woodstock Purple cloth finish.

We highly recommend it to music teachers in kindergartens, music schools and everyone who is looking for nice, durable djembe for playing in groups!