> > Third day of Drum Fest in Opole

We present some useful information about spending Sunday in WCK in Opole!

October 23 will be the last day of the amazing upcoming weekend. As usual, there will be recitals, workshops and concerts. But there is something unusual- the Artists! Maciej Gołyźniak, Russell Gillbrook, and Jason Sutter. They have recorded and performed with some really big names in the industry, they still play with them, they educate the next generations of drummers, and this sunday they will show some of their skill to you! During this day Polish Drumming Awards will be presented to the winners from many categories. At the end you will have an opportunity to watch a charming female bassist in action- Nik West Band will play from their heart!

What’s the time of each event? Let’s see:

2:00 p.m Maciej Gołyźniak recital/warsztaty (20 pln)

3:30 p.m Russell Gillbrook recital/warsztaty (20 pln)

5:00 p.m Jason Sutter recital/warsztaty (20 pln)

After the recitals Polish Drumming Awards will be presented to the winners

8:00 p.m Nik West Band (50/60 pln)


We kindly invite you to be there whole weekend, you can purchase three day pass (120 pln for concerts and 85 pln for recitals). On Sunday you can buy ticket to Nik West Band show for 50/60 pln and 20 pln for each recital. You can purchase the tickets via TicketPro portal, in MediaMarkt or Empik stores, and in Ragtime music stores. For more info visit www.drumfest.pl.