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If you are into oak drum sticks, you probably know that they are quite different from typical hickory ones. They are more defined, heavier and more durable. They have their pros and cons but all in all people love them. Tama company decided to redefine oak sticks once and for all. They started to think about the balance, force and look of the stick. Now we have final result. It’s called Tama Oak Lab.

Official Tama Website presents very nice description of their product, check it out:

“The Oak Lab series is an ambitious series trying to expand the new possibilities of sticks by focusing on the unique potential of the Oak material. While most of Oak sticks in the world ever have utilized the shape developed for Hickory sticks, we have thoroughly analyzed its balance of hardness and weight; which usually leaves the reputation that Oak is hard to control, but has the advantage of high durability. By pursuing original shapes and balance that utilize the hardness and weight we realized high levels of controllability that improve playability without changing the Oak’s feature of high durability. Furthermore, our Oak Lab Series sticks draw the cymbal’s rich mid-low tone which cannot be obtained by Hickory or Maple. In addition, you can select the right sticks to improve your playing style, our range of sticks cater towards specific directions such as speed, delicate control, power and so on.”

Whether or not you are a drummer that has used Oak until now, drummers of all persuasions and playing styles will highly appreciate the Oak Lab Series Sticks.