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What is the connection between Beach Boys drummer and a serial killer?

Everyone knows one or two songs by the Beach Boys, American pop-rock group founded in 1961. They were an icon of their times, singing about the always cool and relaxed life. In their songs love was always around, sun was shining and everybody was surfing in beautiful and warm State of California. They were even compared to The Beatles, who were starting really big in Europe. What do they have in common with Charles Manson, one of the most famous murderers and criminals in the world?

Beach Boys Charles Manson

Dennis Wilson, drummer for The Beach Boys, picked up two teenage girls in early 1968 and convinced them to come back to his Sunset Boulevard mansion to hang out, he couldn’t have imagined the evil he was inviting into his life. The girls were part of the Manson Family, a cult led by charismatic criminal Charles Manson, whose young members quickly moved into Wilson’s house. Just over a year later, the family perpetrated one of the most shocking and infamous crimes of the past century — killing nine people in four locations over a period of five weeks, in what has become known as the Tate/LiaBianca murders. Wilson was very opened to others, and that’s because of his spiritual retreat to India and taking some inspirations from the Maharishi movement. Girls told him they too had a guru, a guy named Charlie who’d recently come out of jail after 12 years. He drifted into crime, but when Wilson met him he found he had great musical ideas.

charles manson beach boys

They were writing together now. Drummer thought, that Charles was dumb, in some ways, but he accepted his approach and have learnt from him. At first Dennis Wilson was taken by Charles Manson, and his unorthodox lifestyle. Manson was a struggling musician, and Wilson provided him the types of contacts necessary to achieve his dreams of stardom. Wilson introduced him to record producer Terry Melcher, who Manson later felt slighted by; his home was the scene of the tragic Tate murders after an enraged Manson mistakenly believed Melcher still lived there… The rest of the story can be read in the source, there is a lot more to know! There is a song written by Manson, and then re-arranged by Beach Boys, you can listen to it below:

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