> > > Stewart Copeland: I couldn’t take Led Zeppelin seriously

Stewart Copeland is best known for drumming in legendary group called The Police. He is currently a composer, arranger and music producer, and it goes for him. He has recently spoken to Ultimate Guitar portal and they had reallly interesting talk. It was interesting because Copeland was really honest about the biggest drummers and bands in our history.

Stewart Copeland Tama

Read some fragments of the interview below:

Ultimate Guitar: If you could play one show with any other band, who would it be?

Stewart Copeland: The Jimi Hendrix Experience of course. I mean that’s too obvious but just to be a little more interested, Led Zeppelin would have been fun. The Who not so much.

UG: Why wouldn’t The Who have been cool?

SC: Too much work.

UG: Were you a Keith Moon fan?

SC: No.

UG: But you dug John Bonham?

SC: No, I wasn’t a Bonham guy either until years later. I was a Mitch [Mitchell] guy and a Ginger [Baker] guy and Bonham I didn’t get. I didn’t notice him because the singing put me off and I couldn’t take Led Zeppelin seriously because of that singing. I never even got as far as checking out the drums. But later on I came to realize what a monster he was.

UG: Is it just a coincidence that your two favorite drummers were in trios?

SC: The trio always seemed like the hot setup to me and I always liked the trio. Partly because when I’m sitting in my geography class in school and drawing a band onstage, the easiest to draw [was a trio]. I figured out how to draw drums but the symmetry of the double Marshall stacks on either side of the drumset was just perfect. Four cabinets with the two top ones angled and two heads on each stack. Double stacks on both sides of a drumset was just heaven for a 16-year old.

Stewart has always been an extraordinaire drummer and musician, that’s why we aren’t surprised by these honest answers. We wish him good luck and a lot of success in the future.