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Steven Adler is collecting stories he could not recall

Steve Adler, former drummer of Guns’n’Roses (1985-1990), is writing a book. Don’t get tricked- it’s not another autobiography of a rock star with the long past. Steven wants to be original.

Steven Adler Guns'n'Roses

His book will be entitled “Steven Adler: The Shit My Friends Remember I Did”. Pretty cool, isn’t it? He has a lot to say about this concept:

“I was doing drugs for the last twenty-five years — well, not the last three and a half, but before, for twenty-five years, I drank, I did drugs — and now that I’m sober, I’m talking to people and they’re telling me stories, and it’s just blank up there [in my head]; there’s nothing there,” he said. “So I decided I’m gonna put a book together [as a] reminder of the stories. And I know, of course, I owe apologies to many, many girls around the world. When I was drinking and drugging, I would do and say things I would never normally say. So I hope you accept my apology. You know who you are. [Laughs]”

Steven has also launched a website wich helps him with the writing process. It’s simpe- if you have any interesting story with Steven Adler just post it there and it may be published in the book!

Drummer has released his autobiography in 2010. It’s called “My Appetite For Destruction: Sex, And Drugs, And Guns N’ Roses” and tells the stories about being in Guns’n’Roses and times after being kicked-off from the band.

Do you like Steve’s new idea?