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Win a contest and perform during Warsaw Drum Festival 2016!

There’s an amazing thing coming. If you are a solo act, or if you play in a band, sign up, and maybe you will be the lucky one to support the main artist during the upcoming Warsaw Drum Festival 2016. What do you need to achieve it? Here are the simple steps:

1. Fill in the form, which you can find at:

2. Send the link to your video, or just take part in the eliminations

(If you don’t have a video, it can be made for you during the eliminations).

3. Donate any amount of money to the Groove of Life foundation.

More details:

Here is the bank account, where you can donate:

NUMER KONTA: MBANK 47 1140 2004 0000 3702 7576 8719
KRS: 0000567282
NIP: 5213701634
Regon: 362057034
Forma prawna: FUNDACJA
Adres: ul. Czerniakowska 56/48
00-717 Warszawa

Eliminations will take place in:

Szczecin- 9.04.2016

Zielona Góra- 10.04.2016

Białystok- Maj 2016

Żywiec- Maj 2016

Warszawa- Maj 2016

We kindly invite every drummer, solo and with the band, to take part in this great event. It’s an amazing opportunity to show your skills and talent to some well known musicians, you can also promote your band, and take your playing on the next level! A chance to perform during Warsaw Drum Festival  will be an unforgettable experience, and who knows, maybe it will open doors to the big world? Don’t wait, just sign up and play!