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We are presenting a short trailer of our test

The producer is calling his invention an “intelligent metronome”. These are big words, but Soundbrenner metronome is really something new and interesting. We had an opportunity to test it, and soon you will be able to watch a full material on BeatIt.tv channel. What is this metronome all about? It’s for sure a game changer. You don’t hear the click- you feel it. This device is mounted on your wrist, arm or ankle, and you are controling the rhythm by playing to vibration seven times stronger than in typical smartphone. Take a look at our trailer:


As you can see, the rhytm comes from big, luminous shield, which produces vibrations. You can arrange your own rhythms, connect up to five devices to send your tempo to, you can tap your rhythm in and save it in the library afterwards. This device can also send sounds to the popular DAW programs. Here is a video from its creators:

As you can see, it’s going to be an interesting thing to check out! We can’t wait to share our opinions with you.