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How PINK’s Drummer Gets Over Stage Fright

Mark Schulman, drummer for Pink, Foreigner, Velvet Revolver or Cher wanted to share his knowledge about worst thing you can feel- stage fright! So, let’s begin: try this exercise: Think about the biggest mistake you could make…yes THAT one! Get free to create it in your mind, exaggerate it and cause the very thing that you ‘fear’ to happen. Now you’re on your way to overcoming life’s stage fright.

We can overcome double negative goals (such as the fear of making a mistake) by allowing ourselves the freedom to make a mistake. Before any drumming or speaking gig, I practice being free to fail…and to fail big! For instance, after finally landing a chance to speak at a Microsoft/Bing event earlier this year, I put a great deal of emotional investment in making this a success. I generated an excessive amount of pre-speech anxiety and decided I needed to get “free.”.

So I imagined getting on stage and completely forgetting what I was saying. Not only forgetting it, but getting so nervous that I lost consciousness and fainted (just what you would expect from the dude who is the ‘expert’ on conquering life’s stage fright!). Then I got free to imagine falling off my drum throne while performing my opening drumming segment, breaking my arm, getting carted away in an ambulance, tarnishing my reputation, and never working for this behemoth client ever again. The more ridiculous and descriptive I imagined this ‘failure,’ the more I was able to break the pattern of setting double negative goals.


Now it’s your turn: Think about the biggest mistake you could make…yes THAT one! Get free to create it, exaggerate it and cause the very thing that you fear to actually happen.

Then, set a single-positive goal. Imagine that you are free to blaze through the same event with a magnificent depth of stellar performance that exceeds your expectations.

Mark once said: The freer we are to fail and make mistakes, the better our chances are to create success and gain control over what we fear. By creating single positive goals that condition your mind to perform like a rock star, we can only find success in the workplace – and overcome life’s stage fright.

You can find everything, what have been written here, in Mark’s book Conquering Life’s Stage Fright: Three Steps to Top Performance. Do you agree with him?

Source of information: http://fortune.com/