> > Snare drums and drum kits by Oriollo

We present these fantastic instruments made by Serbian producer!

Oriollo company was brought to life two years ago. It’s founder is Vukan Karadzic and group of his artisan drumsmiths fabricating near the river of Danube. They were a drum shell manufacturer, supplying metal drum shells to many big and small companies. In spring 2015 they indtroduced their first snare drum- Phantom, and in December 2016 they started to manufacture the full aluminium drum kits.

oriollo werbel

Unlike a typical custom drum company, they are producing many components in-house. Starting from the shells, to lugs, throw off, badges, snare wires, hoops. The shells we create are uncompromising – always seamless, high-quality metal, spun and drawn or cast and machined with 100% perfect edges. That’s why Oriollo snare drums are great instruments, offering a unique balance of tone, attack, depth and resonance. And how is it made? Different than usual drums. It’s all about the spin! The difference is not only in the seam/weld. The metal spinning process actually improves the raw material metallurgically by realigning grain structures. In other words, repeated passes with the tool work hardens the material and creates a stronger shell. Just take a look:

The components are also very important. Serbia is well known of it’s metallurgy from many centuries. The metal types from the region of Danube are very valuable, and apprieciated by experts. How does the Oriollo drum kit sound like? Check out the video below. These are full aluminium shells, from 1,5 to 3 mm thin.

What do you think about these drums? Would you play them? To learn more please visit http://oriollo.com/. We must add, that we are quite impressed!