> > > Skunk Anansie Drummer Directed Music Video

Mark Richardson is a well known drummer for the UK-based rock band Skunk Anansie. Although his main job is to hit wood and metal with sitcks he is also a big fan of motorcycles. On his social media profiles you can see him riding some fine and great looking machines. But that’s not all! Mark is also a music video director… Mark has recently posted link to the moving picture directed by him on his Facebook profile.

mark richardson skunk anansie

He simply wrote: Super proud to have directed this video for the fabulous Myke Gray lighting by James Cumpsty, Make up by Lauren Kay and the near legendary Clive Cherry on sound and data storage duties.

You can see Mark’s work below. It’s a video made for a song of rock guitarist Myke Gray. In the video you can see him playing guitar solos in black and white environment. It looks really cool, all thanks to the director (of course), great make up and “stage clothes”. There is no special effects in it. If you like rock and roll vibe you will simply love this one!

Mark has done one more important thing. He is the founder of the charity organisation called Music Support. It’s a non-profit collective of volunteers and professionals providing help and support for individuals in any area of the music industry suffering from addiction, emotional or mental health issues.