> > Second day of the drumming-packed weekend in Opole

We wrote about Friday, now it’s time to tell you more about Saturday!

October 22 will be even hotter than the day before. This Saturday in CWK Opole you will be able to see some great performers. Drum Fest 2016 is going off the hook- drumming contest, exhibitions, workshops and finally two great concerts! Let’s check it:

October 22 2016:

10:00 a.m- Young Drum Hero contest begins, you should watch some of the youngest drummers showing their skills- entry is free

1:00 p.m- solo recital of the great drummer- Kaz Rodriguez

Workshops and recitals after that will be led by some big names- Rick Latham, Gary Novak and Jason Bittner! You will hear everything from groovy funk to really heavy metal!

6:00 p.m- Rick Latham Trio (Rick Latham, Nicola Sorato – bass, Ruggero Robin – guitar), after that stage will be occupied by Michael Landau Group (Michael Landau, Gary Novak, Reggie Hamilton). Great shows and great musicians!


Besides all these fantastic events, there will be held an exhibition with drums, hardware and drum accessories- something cool to see! You can purchase the tickets via TicketPro portal, in MediaMarkt or Empik stores, and in Ragtime music stores Prices are: 50/60 pln for concert and 20 pln for recitals. For more info visit www.drumfest.pl.

Come and enjoy this events, see some great performances and get inspired!