> > > Sabian Presents Tollspire Chimes

If you are into a strange but comforting sound, you should definately check out the newest product from the great Sabian company. It’s a whole set of mini – splashes called Sabian Tollspire Chimes.

sabian cymbals

All of these are sized in quarter-inch increments from 4.75″ to 5.75″. After being crafted from Sabian B20 Bronze, they are rolled and tempered from splash- thickness blanks, then formed into a cupless, conical shape. The result is a compelling combination of chime, bell and splash, offering melodic sounds that will appeal to a super-wide range of players – from prog rock to drum-corp and marching.

sabian company

Although they are not tuned to specific notes, they provide superb melodic movement utilizing differences in pitch and size. Additionally, their distinct white noise factor – a function of the conical shape – provides a warm “church bells in the distance” effect. As a result, drummers and percussionists seeking a unique set of melodic chimes or micro splashes should consider adding Tollspire Chimes to their set-up. They are guaranteed to inspire creativity in drummers from virtually any genre.

Source: http://mikedolbear.com/