> > > Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour): Glitterman

A few days ago, as part of Stone Sour‘s current concert tour, the band performed at the Brady Theater in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event as such is no reason for us to devote it an entire post, however, it was at that very gig that the band’s drummer Roy Mayorga became the object of a practical joke played on him by his band mates. A joke like that is certainly worth writing about.

When Roy got behind his drum kit, he found a pile of…glitter on each of his toms. The intro was already playing on the PA and there was no time to take the glitter off the drum heads. There was nothing else he could do but start playing the fills kicking off the first song and raise the glistening dust.

We expect Roy Mayorga will not be needing glitter on New Year’s Eve…of next year.

Have your band mates ever played a practical on you? Feel free to post your comments!