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Some time ago, we informed our viewers about Rikki Rockett (drummer with glam metal legends Poison) having been cured from cancer.

R. Rockett(Pictured: Rikki and his personal kit in Poison Zombie finish)

Not many Drummers and Drummerettes in our part of the world know that Rikki owns and runs his own drum company called Rockett Drum Works, which offers:

  • kits and snares made from many types of wood (also exotic), acrylic and metal

Rockett Maple over carbon fiber(Pictured: 6.5″ x 14″ Maple Over Carbon Fiber snare)

  • shells from 6″ to 32″ in diameter and up to 24″ in depth
  • small, single point lugs for enhanced resonance
  • the craziest and unusual custom finishes imaginable

Rocket Drums 4(Pictured: Bettie Page Custom Paint)

See the manufacturer’s offer HERE.