> > Ringo Starr and his precious copy of “White Album”

Ringo Starr’s Copy of the Beatles’ ‘White Album’ Is Officially the Most Expensive Record Ever Sold

Ringo Starr made one of the biggest deals of all time by selling off his copy of the band’s White Album last year at Julien’s auction house. The latest update of the Guinness World Records confirms that last December’s auction of copy number 0000001 from the record’s first press is now officially the most expensive record ever sold at auction.  In retrospect, the initial estimated value of $60,000 was low-balling the wax, since it went for several hundred thousand dollars more via a bid from an unidentified buyer.


In addition to it being owned by the Fab Four drummer, this particular copy of the 1968 double slab of vinyl is notable for being the first copy of the original run, as confirmed by a serial number stamped on its right bottom corner. The drummer kept the record inside a London bank vault for a number of years. Proceeds from the auction went to Starr’s Lotus Foundation, which raises funds with the goal of “advancing social welfare.”

Source of Information: www.exclaim.ca