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Rick Latham is a renowned American drummer, who has made a name for himself as a funk and blues player (collaborated or collaborates with he likes of B. B. King, Quincy Jones, Edgar Winter, Chuck Rainey, Juice Newton), and an outstanding educator (author of the breakthrough “Advanced Funk Studies” drum book, but also “Contemporary Drumset Techniques“, and the “All About The Groove” DVD). The musician has also appeared on en.beatit.tv a number of times. He gave us an in-depth interview, showed a few of his playing techniques, conducted a drum clinic organized by us, and played a full-size gig with some Polish musicians.

Rick Latham in need

Now, Rick needs help from anybody who appreciates his art and expertise. Very recently, during a routine physical exam, an unidentified mass in his chest area, near his heart, was found. The mass must be surgically removed before it possibly begins to push on the heart. A biopsy will also be performed afterwards. Obviously, it is going to be a transternal surgery, which means opening the chest exactly like during an open heart surgery. This is very costly in the US.

For this reason, Rick Latham asks fellow drummers (but also other people) for financial help. To that end, a GoFundMe campaign and a PayPal account have been set. You can send your donations to:



Every penny counts!

Rick Latham’s official statement in this matter can be found HERE.