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Recording good drum tracks in a few easy steps!

If you like to work in the studio, and you want your work to get a lot easier and effective, or if you just want to have a good drums on your record, we have something special for you! We want to share a video material from the great producer, Jordan Valeriote, who owns a helpful website called Hardocre Music studio. He wants to share his incredible knowledge with you, and he is really experienced. Just for the record- during his intership in Torontohe has watched and listened  to the recording process of the music for such names as UsherTimbaland or Jonas Brothers. Now he is helping many rock, metal and hardocre bands with their struggle in studio, and he is simply great at it! In this video you will learn some tricks, and the proper lesson about microphones and how to choose them, distances between mics and parts of the drum kit and a lot of other interesting things, which will make a studio work less frustrating and stressing. Click the link below, and just enjoy!


jordan valeriote

We also want to add some sort of “cheat sheet”, with the most important information about microphones and beyond. It also comes from Jordan’s website, so you should definately check it out. Now sit, relax and get yourself a nice dose of pure knowledge, that can change your approach to the recording studio!


Source of information: http://hardcoremusicstudio.com