> > > Ray Luzier: I Hope Next Korn Album Will Be Very Heavy

Ray Luzier, drummer of Korn has made some plans concerning the band’s next album. Despite the fact that work on the next Korn CD hasn’t began yet, Ray has some interesting ideas and visions about it. He shared them with journalist from Metal Wani in the recent interview.

Ray Luzier Korn

He was asked if the band will follow the sonic directions of “Serenity of Suffering” from 2016. He replied:

It’s funny, ’cause even the dubstep, kind of experimental record we did [2011’s ‘The Path Of Totality’], at the end of the day, it still sounds like KORN. It’s funny, ’cause Head and I are always the metalheads of the band — we always want it to be heavier; I think we all do. KORN has such a unique sound that I think that it’s inevitable it’s gonna be towards the heavy side. But there’s been talks about doing different things and that, but I think, depending on who the producer is and where everyone’s heads are at, I think it’s gonna be an even heavier record than ‘The Serenity Of Suffering’ — I’m hoping, anyway.

Do you think that Ray’s way of thinking is good? What are your wishes for the next Korn album?