> > Quick Torque from Eccentric Systems

The Eccentric Systems company specializes in making accessories which enhance the performance of your standard, factory-made hardware. They offer such devices as the Buzzkill (which reduces the buzz on snares) or Flatheadz (drum hoops equipped with a gauge indicating drumhead tension at each tension rod).

quick torque

Their latest product is the Quick Torque. It is a cam mounted on the spring arm of a foot pedal mechanism, which is to be found on its right side. According to the manufacturer, this allows to reduce the amount of pressure necessary to push the pedal down while increasing the return force generated by the spring, which makes the beater return 30% faster. The farther the arm is extended (regulated with a simple Allen wrench), the more torque, and thus power, increasing the foot pedal’s speed.

For more, go to Eccentric Systems website and watch a video presentation of the Quick Torque mechanism.