> > Promark presents: Mike Portnoy 420 x drumsticks

In this case sweaty hands will be very useful!

Mike Portnoy, drummer well known for his work with such bands as Dream TheaterWinery Dogs or Transatlantic, along with his long time partners in crime- Promark drumsticks, has recently revived his signature drumstick series. This time they thought, that some new technology would help, so they made use of… Body temperature! Behold the Promark Mike Portnoy 420 X!

mike portnoy 420x


The whole secret is called Active Grip. It’s a technology, which uses a special material, very sensitive to a body heat and sweat. When hand gives its heat to the drumstick, the Active Grip material becomes kind of sticky, and makes the grip stronger, so you have a lot more control. The new model is made of the hand selected hickory. Sizes are: lenght- 16,5 “, diameter- 0,565 “. What do you think about Mike andPromark’s idea? Check out the facebook profile of Promark and see the video of Mike presenting his new babies!