> > > Possibilities included in the Roland TD-11KV kit

Take a look at this kit, and get amazed by its funcionality!

Some people may say, that bigger is better. Unfortunatelly we must strongly disagree with that statement. Sometimes we don’t underestimate the size and power within small things. That’s the perfect description of the V-Drums family member, Roland TD-11KV kit. It’s the compact one, but it’s really well equipped. We should really focus on its functions, and the possibilities, that it can give bothe the beginner and pro drummers. We want to show you a video presentation made by David Cannava. He will show you some cool features of this kit. Just take a look:

It’s simply great, isn’t it? This five-piece kit offers really much. All of the sounds are very natural, and the module is really easy to use. We can’t forget about the metronome function, it’s just helpful. But it’s not only the metronome itself. It always can be our teacher, or better said, our guardian! If we will be dragging or rushing the tempo, we will se the signs on the display. It’s a great way to learn the proper way of playing with click. We have to mention the play-along tracks included in the module. You can practise to any of the music genres, and it will for sure expand your musical horizons. Another cool feature is the quick record button. If you will come up with a fantastic drum pattern, you can save it by pushing one button, and listen to it instantly. There’s no more to say- just check out this product!

Visit Roland website to learn more about other V-Drums, modules, triggers and more. There are also video presentations, some of them are made by great polish drummer and Roland family member- Mariusz Mocarski.