> > > PolyNome v2.3.6: Metronome App Update

As some of BeatIt viewers may remember, Joe Crabtree – the drummer with classic rockers Wishbone Ash, also known from his appearance on BeatIt – is the creator of a highly interesting metronome app called PolyNome. The PolyNome includes a great number of options which even the most demanding drummers will find useful. Those include: setting time signatures with barlines, setting any rhythm and time signature, custom accents and sounds, practice log, compound clicks, practice routines and many, many more.

PolyNome metronome app update

The creator himself has announced an update of version 2.3.6 , which includes such functionalities as:

  • New practice event editor
  • New progress view – compares time spent on practicing to the previous session
  • Practice log with a possibility to set goals for the future (time spent on specific exercises, deadline, working on increasing the tempo of a given exercise), as well as adding and editing practice events
  • Daily journal with a possibility to make notes every day
  • New timer sound
  • Adding labels to presets

Detailed information on all the new PolyNome metronome functions are available in this video tutorial prepared by Joe Crabtree himself: