> > Phil Rudd on his health and AC/DC

It seems that Phil Rudd has got out of a real tangle – a more serious one than any of us ever thought. The legal problems, which resulted in him being fired from AC/DC, was not all, as it turns out.

In a recent interview for New Zealand Herald, Phil revealed he has laso suffered a heart attack: “I was just at home walking around at home, and I started feel, well just funny… I had a strange pain in my chest,” he said. “So my housekeeper took me to the hospital, when they hooked me up and did all these tests turned out I had a big heart attack…my artery was all blocked up, and they said I had to stay in and have an operation.

When asked about a possible reunion with AC/DC, Phil Rudd replied: “If Angus [Young] wanted me to play then that is up to him but I don’t really want to play with Axl Rose… I don’t really rate him.