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We present the newest drum module from Pearl

Pearl Company is known for its work on mixing the electronic and acoustic drum kits together. Now they focused on something big, they are about to present Mimic Pro drum module, announced to be the most advanced drum module in the world. Every drummer will be able to use samples from best sounding drum sets, which were recorded in the best studios using high quality equipment. You will have an opportunity to set your own personal drum kit, sounding like no other. Set the volume levels, dynamics and velocity. You can prepare your on-stage ready mix, wich will always sound the same. Mimic Pro can work with E-Pro TruTrack drumheads, which can be easily put on the acoustic drum, like a typical drumhead. If you don’t have TruTrack pads, or an acoustic set, there’s no need to worry! Mimic pro can work with many other electronic drum kits, producet by the best known manufacturers. Take a look at the video presentation:

Would you like to use it with your kit? Price is still to be announced, so you can start saving some money from now!