> > Pearl Drums will publish Tutorials made by Gabor Dornyei

Gabor Dornyei is one of the most recognized and technical drummers in the game. He is an appreciated session musician and great educator. He is also well known for his work with percussionist Kornel Horvath in tHUNder Duo. He also plays in his own project, Gabor Dornyei Quartet. His love for polyrhythms and tricky grooves goes on for 30 years! Gabor plays on: Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo, Roland, Vic Firth, Tycoon Percussion. Dorynei endorses Hardcase and Sky Gel Damper Pads.

Pearl Drums announce that in the upcoming weeks they will publish several Pedal Tutorials made by Gabor. Check out this trailer!