> > > Pearl Announces Philharmonic Pancake Snare Drum

Pearl is one of the world’s finest drum maker. They are producing the highest quality drum kits, hardware and electronic gear. Their newest product is a very special snare drum. It’s called Pearl Philharmonic Pancake Snare and it was constructed for concert drummers who are playing in different types of orchestras. The main features of this drums are small size and super sensivity to maximize the quality of performance.

pearl pancake snare drum

Contemporary repertoire demands and performance environments push innovation in instrument design at Pearl. Tom Freer of the Cleveland Orchestra collaborated with Pearl designers to create the new 13”x2.5“ Philharmonic Pancake snare drum to meet the growing demand for a solo and audition drum that could be “whisper quiet” and professional grade for years of use. In other words, maximum sensitivity was needed in the smallest possible format. The musical challenges presented were met with a variety of solutions affecting nearly every aspect of the drums’ design: First, an extremely compact 13”x2.5” Ply Maple Shell was required that necessitated the creation of a single point lug system. Next, special modifications were made to the snare mechanism allowing for the snare assemblies to be correctly positioned and tensioned against the bottom head while still maintaining the adjustability of the Philharmonic Triad Strainer. In addition, new snare assemblies were developed for this model using light gauge music wire in a proprietary graduated tensioning system that creates that signature Pearl out-of-the-box performance quality. Check out the video below to hear this great instrument. What do you think about it?