> > > PAU – A Pocket-Sized Drum Set

We are living in the times where everything is getting smaller, mobile, smart etc. You can run your business while traveling by bus or train. You can do everything you one using one device. As we all know musicians are the people who travel a lot. Sometimes journeys are taking a lot of time, and you are starting to get bored. Bethm company has something cool to make you feel a lot better during the long drives.

pau device

PAU is an intuitive, lightweight, and compact handheld music-making device, that gives everyone the means to create music, anytime and anywhere.

‘PAU seeks to give more people the chance to uncover their music-making talent, and give people the means to produce something value-added conveniently, during their most inspirational moments, which can happen literally any time.’ said Pek Yun Ning, CEO of Bethm. ‘Even musicians need something small and convenient for them to create different instrumental sounds, as they are performing.’ 

It looks like a plastic cube with buttons. Pushing them makes PAU produce drum sound. It’s small and portable and you can easily put it in your pocket. PAU has recording function, connection to Bluetooth and  you can also choose a colour of the device. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Do you like PAU? We surely do, and we wouldn’t hesitate from taking it with us on the road! If you like this project you can support Bethm on their Kickstarter page.


PAU Kickstarter